In ‘Gunsan’ and ‘Pyeongtaek’, fighter jets and reconnaissance planes take off and land repeatedly day and night.
 Next to the US military base, there are small villages where people live. Villagers suffered from noise and livestock died from stress. How did peaceful and quiet villages end up in this situation?
 South Korea and the United States have agreed to pay residents about $30 a month. Who are those scary weapons meant to protect? It is said that the noise level that causes the greatest fear in humans is around 120 decibels. The fear of 120 decibels is worth $30 per month.
 In order to record this abnormal situation, I took a camera, a recorder, and a decibel meter.
 I visited Haje Village in Gunsan.
 The moment we finished recording and filming and were putting away the equipment, we heard the national anthems of both countries.
 It was relatively quiet as the national anthem rang through the sky.
 However, as time passed, a scary sound enveloped the sky again.
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