Koreans live under great pressure amid the fierce competition in school and work life in Korean society. Of course, there is no place in the world without competition. However, Korea is continuously exposed to the stress of excessive competition and pressure. In addition, the exceptionally dichotomous judgment criteria are extremely harsh. Success and failure, wealth and poverty, etc. And the standards for success that have been set too high are spreading gloom in society. Korea has a social structure that instantly turns an otherwise sane person into a loser based on criteria such as whether he or she works at a large company, receives a high salary, owns expensive real estate, or drives an expensive car. In a situation where such abnormal emotions spread throughout society, Koreans look for breakthroughs in material or external things. 
 In other words, the number of people who dream of rising status or healing their self-esteem after falling behind in competition by improving their appearance or purchasing expensive luxury goods is increasing. Against this background, Korea has become a society where money is paramount. Even news and media have become deformed, with stories all about appearance or real estate and luxury goods. We have become a society where freedom is invisible, worships only material things, and values only what is visible, not what is inside.
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