Side California

This work is divided into a total of four chapters. The work begins by tracing the places where women worked and stayed that were not recorded in history. The state framed them as patriots, but in reality, they were just a means of earning dollars. I followed the traces of the women and recorded the scene of the village that was shaken by the expansion of the U.S. military base. The noise of reconnaissance planes and fighter jets that take off and land repeatedly all day causes vibrations in the village. In fact, it emits a roar exceeding 120 decibels and collapses old houses in the village. I would like to ask the two governments, the United States and South Korea. What is this whole situation for?

- 깊은 낮과 밝은 밤 | Deep day and Bright night
- 지워지는 것들 | Things being erased
- 영역표시 | Scent Mark
- 데시벨 | Decibel