The largest US military base in the world is Camp Humphreys in South Korea.
 In Pyeongtaek, where Camp Humphreys is located, there is a US military base returned to Korea called the CPX Training Center. I visited this place, which had been returned but was now in ruins.
 I visited to take pictures of villagers walking around this area. There were no residents, only American soldiers and their children enjoying camping. It was a strange scene. The tents and American flags placed here and there seemed to be boasting that it was their territory.
 In the past, this was the place where a Japanese underground bunker was built during the Japanese colonial period in our country. The US military built their bases on military bases used during the Japanese colonial era in places such as Busan and Seoul.
 The Japanese left their scent mark.
 The US military also left a scent mark on that place.
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