This work is divided into a total of four chapters.
 The work begins by tracing the places where women worked and stayed that were not recorded in history.
 The state framed them as patriots, but in reality, they were just a means of earning dollars.
 I followed the traces of the women and recorded the scene of the village that was shaken by the expansion of the U.S. military base.
 The noise of reconnaissance planes and fighter jets that take off and land repeatedly all day causes vibrations in the village.
 In fact, it emits a roar exceeding 120 decibels and collapses old houses in the village.
 I would like to ask the two governments, the United States and South Korea.
 What is this whole situation for?
White house on the hill

This building is a concentration camp called ‘Monkey House.’
 Women in camp town were tools of the economy and also of security. However, the ‘security’ of individual women in camp town was not guaranteed by the state.
 In reality, he was a victim of the ‘patriot’ frame imposed by the state and a means of earning foreign currency.
 Women had to be tested at this location for possible relationships with American soldiers, and if they did not pass the test, they were imprisoned.
 Incarcerated women sometimes died from side effects while receiving penicillin injections, and others fell to their deaths while trying to escape, unable to overcome the pain.
 Currently, this building has been purchased by the local government and is planning to be demolished.
 History hopes to remove pus.

 In 1992, the brutal body of Geumyi Yoon (age 26 at the time) was discovered by her landlord.
 At that time, an umbrella pole was stuck in Yoon Geum-i's anus, about 26 centimeters into her rectum, and a Coca-Cola bottle was stuck in her genitals.
 He had a matchstick in his mouth and powdered detergent was sprinkled all over his body.
 The direct cause of death was trauma and bleeding to the front of the face caused by a Coca-Cola bottle.
 Mr. Yoon Geum-i died after being hit by a coke bottle wielded by medic Kenneth Markle, with his face broken.
 Mr. Yoon Geum-i was cremated and scattered in a graveyard without relatives.
 In addition, numerous women were buried in this cemetery.
 However, the burial mound was covered with dried grass or was flattened. As if nothing had happened.
Black Ston Vally

 In Uijeongbu, there is a village called ‘bbeat beorl Village’.
 In this village, there was a woman living with an American soldier.
 Then one day, this woman was murdered by an American soldier with whom she lived.
 The place where she was murdered at the time was a place called ‘Black Stone Valley’.
 I ended up going all over town and up into the valley, looking for traces of this woman in memory of her.
 There was no memorial, and only black stones and ravines remained at the scene of the incident for the women.
 Records of murdered women existed only in the minds of villagers.
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