I left to find out why. I had a strong desire to walk down the street and find out why.
 No, maybe my reason is an excuse.
 It seems right that I simply wanted to be liberated from the speed of society while walking, I felt that the feeling of being dry from the speed I was used to twisted me.
 At first, it was thought that pilgrimage people isolated themselves from society.
 But after a while,
 I wondered if I was discovering the reasons for people who had freed their lives from urban isolation.
 I put a question mark on the characters who walk the road in a restrained way, shunning the developed society and continuing with the minimum items brought from civilization.
 Looking at the reasons and scenes,
 it seems that the plan was to weave things that did not belong to a huge context from the beginning.
 I made up my mind to continue the act of recording the times
 where there is a history of roads and personal histories are piling up within that history.
 This work is a document of my actions and at the same time a document of a group of people with various reasons for walking on a pilgrimage.
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